What on Earth is Tui Na (Tway Nah)

 Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), pronounced tway-na, is one of the oldest forms of bodywork. With its roots in the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and qigong, tui na revives your body’s vital energy and natural healing capacity through work with the meridians and acupressure points.

Tui na releases tension, restores balance, and promotes healing of chronic and acute muscular, skeletal, and mind-body conditions. During a tui na session, you will experience:

  • Hand techniques to release physical tension of the body
  • Joint range of motion, stretching, traction, and soft tissue massage to open the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. I gently twist and turn your limbs to open up the skeletal system and further soften tightness and soft tissue adhesions. To you, this work feels like passive stretching and effective soft tissue massage.
  • Jin shin acupressure to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This is the art of holding two or more points at a time, frequently following a flow of points on the body to release energy from the muscular-ligament system. While this may seem subtle, it works to relax tension. Excellent for diverse applications ranging from physical to emotional imbalances, for example: exhausted & overworked bodies, fatigued minds, physical pain, as well as grief and emotional trauma.

Tui Na is a perfect modality for addressing everyday aches and pains, chronic illness, specific injuries related to athletic activity, vehicular accidents, as well as emotional traumas.

As is common with Tui Na, in my practice, clients are able to remain in their own comfortable and warm clothing throughout the session. Although I may apply liniments on specific tight sore muscles, you will not feel overwhelmed by excessive use of oils or lotions.

Glossary/Pronunciation Guide:
Traditional Chinese Medicine = TCM
Qigong: a.k.a. chi kung; meditative movement exercise that works with breath and moving energy throughout the body
meridian: pathways of energy in the body
acupressure/acupuncture points: specific points of energy on the meridians that can be used to beneficially affect organs and tissues of the body